Tom Thomas: Life Coach and Tutor

Tom Thomas is a life coach and learning facilitator (a facilitator is someone that makes something easy or easier) for people of all ages. He has guided many to success and confidence in their studies personal endeavors. He specializes in facilitating learning by offering support and assistance in overcoming stumbling blocks encountered in taking oneself from not knowing something to knowing it fully. The emphasis is on applying the knowledge that has been gained.

Tom connects with people from all over the world through this website — online membership and one-on-one Skype private sessions.




Life Coaching

Life Coaching online is a convenient and effective way to deal with issues and challenges you face in life. The assistance you will receive will help you view the difficulties and problems in a new and different way, opening up possibilities and solutions. After an initial assessment, we can meet as often as needed to to keep you on the path to resolution.

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Are you challenged by your studies? As a learning expert I can provide help with any subject. I have a lot of success with tutoring Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) students in Math, Physics, and Chemistry. I am capable of tutoring middle school, high school, and university level studies.

My students find I have a friendly approach, personable and easy to talk to, and delivering the lessons in such a way as to get results.

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