Staying Fired Up

Sunrise balloons

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” Maya Angelou  

When I wake up these days I always have something in mind that I want to get done. I seem to be sailing in waters where the wind and the currents are favorable to the direction that I want to go. Whether I am asleep or awake I have my goals clearly in mind. I know what I am doing 24 hours a day. This has been going on for about one week now. It is very different. It is a new plane of existence for me. It started when I noticed that I was not being the best me that I could be. I was faking my way through my days with some sort of synthetic strange justification of why I had to do things the way that I was doing them.

I had reached the lofty conclusion that the world was all wrong and I was alright. I was completely and utterly full of peanut shells. This thought process served me well as it made everybody else wrong and me right. It all worked right up until nanosecond that I met her. I was walking to my car at the end of a busy day and she was walking up the sidewalk toward me with her friend. Our eyes met, she said hello,  and the whole carefully contrived bull-feather life of mine came tumbling down. This person had complete and total access to me and my thoughts. I was instantly exhilarated and confused. I seemed to know her and she seemed to know me – well. Of course I put a good face on it, arranged to see her again, and went home. That was three months ago, she is away traveling now and I am still assimilating the single most amazing encounter of my life. So I decided to change. It has been terrifying at times but I am not looking back. Whatever happens this is my life now. I savor every moment.

It is a life of continuous improvement and service to others.

The adventure continues…

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